Simon and Ruth Clarence conduct informative, tasteful, humorous and practical seminars on Conflict Management and Marital Intimacy that will help you approach the daily challenges of marriage armed with fresh insights and new strategies for your on-going relationship.

  • Struggling/Frustrated with lots of conflict in your marriage?  
  • Not sure how to work through challenging issues?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and angry? 
  • Having trouble forgiving and moving on?
  • Is your sex life a joke? A source of tension? A pressure not a pleasure?
  • Want to take your great marriage to the next level?
  • Are you newlyweds trying to navigate through the new marriage experience?
  • Looking for Biblical directives on how to enjoy a God-honoring marriage? 
  • Need a new outside perspective on your relationship?
  • Are you an engaged couple looking to prepare for this new marriage journey?  


These seminars are designed for single adults, engaged and married couples of all ages and of all faiths and denominations or with no religious affiliation. They  are presented in a group setting, in a non-threatening, safe environment, with no opportunity for self-disclosure.

They present these seminars across Canada and abroad.

Ruth has also authored two books: 

  • Hot and Holy: A Christian Woman’s Guide to Enjoying her Sex Life with Her Husband
  • Firestarters: Ignite your Intimacy – Creative Ideas to Add Spark and Sizzle to Your Red Hot Love Life