You Deserve Forever

A Course for Engaged and Married Couples of All ages

Engaged Couples

You are about to begin the best journey of your life! 

More than booking the best wedding photographer or finding the perfect ceremony location, preparing for what comes after "I do" is one of the most important things you’ll ever do as a couple. 

While the wedding preparation is exciting, this is also a time when many challenges come up and fears creep in. Will this truly be FOREVER? Do we have what it takes to maintain a loving, peaceful, long term relationship?  

With divorce rates at nearly ½, you’re right to be asking this question and feel stress, concern and apprehension. 

Maybe you were raised in a war zone, or your parents got divorced and you’re asking yourself 'How are we different?' 'How are WE going to succeed?' 

You don’t want to mimic your parent’s poor conflict resolution skills. You want to feel confident, prepared, and equipped to handle all the twists and turns of marriage.

So…. here’s the secret … you need sound, strong, healthy conflict resolution skills. And, you can build those – even before conflict arises.

We’ve created the YOU DESERVE FOREVER seminar to help you build your solid foundation. 

Every year engaged couples travel far and near to attend this seminar, so they can gain the practical,tried and tested skills that will save them hours and hours of spiraling arguments that lead to heartaches, tears and confusion. 

If you want a proven, tested formula to easily resolve conflict in your marriage, register for this seminar.  

It’s fun, engaging, and your fiancée won’t be bored!

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Start your marriage off on the right foot!

What are you waiting for? YOU DESERVE FOREVER!


Married Couples

Maybe you are a newlywed and are finding the first few years very challenging and stressful.You had no idea that you would experience almost daily conflicts and arguments, and this is definitely not what you signed up for!! 

You are frustrated, angry, disillusioned and very disappointed! You feel so alone.

Or maybe you have been married for a while and the conflict just doesn’t seem to end.  For years you have been having the same annoying arguments repeatedly and you don’t know how to get unstuck!

Perhaps you are feeling guilty that you're raising your kids in a war zone.  You feel exhausted, discouraged, helpless and want out! You’re tired of spinning your wheels and are headed for the divorce courts!

That’s why we created our YOU DESERVE FOREVER Seminar.  It’s for couples who love each other deeply, want desperately to make it work, but don’t have the skills to move through the daily challenges that come with being married and raising a family.

If you’re ready to tame the tension in your relationship, learn healthy patterns of relating, and proven strategies for effective conflict resolution, this seminar is for you!

You will learn how to communicate more effectively, begin controversial discussions appropriately, manage explosive anger, and apologize and move on….

Your marriage can CHANGE!  There is hope!

Your dream of a peaceful, loving, lasting relationship is possible for YOU! (See testimonials) 

P.S. If your marriage is going great – it can get BETTER! Come and hone your skills and take your relationship to the next level! You can always improve!!

What are you waiting for?  YOU DESERVE FOREVER