Engaged Couples


My (now) husband and I participated in this seminar during our engagement, as a wedding gift from a friend. It was amazing to have the tools to communicate, listen and do confrontation well before we were even married! It was incredible to have such an engaging presentation, thorough take home material and the wisdom of the other participants as well! This seminar helped bolster our marriage before it even began!


We began our marriage having confidence and the right tools to handle conflict. I believe many disagreements and miscommunication would have turned into resentful ongoing issues had we not had and used the complete tool set and strategies provided at the seminar.Thankfully with the advice Simon and Ruth gave us, we have never had bad habits to break! It is SO worth the money and valuable beyond any other course, workshop, or book I've been to. Would highly recommend it! P.S. My fiancee loved it and wasn't bored at all - learned so much!


Because my husband and I chose not to live together before we were married, there was a whole aspect of life as a couple we were unprepared for at the beginning. I felt we weren't living up to the "honeymoon phase" and this disappointed me. You deserve forever helped me realize I wasn't crazy, and that these were issues many couples including Ruth and Simon dealt with. We learned practical ways to consistently make changes to the way we did married life and we're so much better for it. The seminar was tasteful and funny providing a relaxed atmosphere where we could learn, yet be challenged to better our relationship. I would definitely recommend it to any couple engaged or married who wants to invest in the most important relationship they'll ever have!


The “You Deserve Forever” seminar was incredible, insightful and entertaining. From powerful stories, to practical tools, to great times of interaction with my spouse, it kept my attention and I was not bored in the slightest. If you're a guy, like me, a seminar on a Saturday doesn’t seem to be the most attractive thing, but it helped majorly improve my marriage, which then gave me more freedom, cause I was taking care of my wife and her needs, which then in turn she empowered me with free time on Saturday. Go to it and it will improve all your relationships. You will learn how to love, care, and deal with all the “fights” we as normal people have. It will set you up for a incredible life with your spouse and family.


Ruth and Simon are a Great example of how to beat the odds in today's society. My husband and I took their conflict seminar and still use the tools and advice given to us in our day to day marriage. The concepts were easy to grasp, the resources endless, and both Simon and Ruth were able to use conflict examples from their own marriage to make things more relatable. I would recommend this course to couples on any journey, new or old.

Married Couples


My husband and I came to Ruth and Simon's seminar after being married a number of years. The seminar was professionally presented and was well worth the time and money... very affordable as well! We learned so many practical tools we could implement immediately.The best part for us was the take home resources which we could use for further discussion and periodic review later. It changed our marriage forever!


My husband and I decided to take the You Deserve Forever seminar a second time after being married for a couples years. Hearing the tips and advice as a married couple was so different from when we were engaged. There are some things in marriage you won't understand until you walk it out as husband and wife. Re-taking the seminar was the best way to refresh and remind us of our commitment to each other and our marriage. We love this seminar so much and it will be one we attend time and time again throughout our marriage.


My wife and I did Simon and Ruth's fighting fair conference when we were one year into marriage. It empowered us to understand each other and gave us tools on how to handle conflict, which inevitably happens! Simon and Ruth are open and honest about their own journey through marriage together and the struggles that can arise. They gave tangible tools on how to be able to resolve issues and actually 'fight fair'! We are thankful we took this course, especially as newly weds! We continue to use some of the skills to help resolve differences between us!


We attended Ruth and Simon’s seminar it was fun, so educational, very helpful to us! The practical tools could be implemented right away and our marriage has greatly improved as a result! Would highly recommend to couples of any age!


Kris & I went to Simon & Ruth Clarences seminar recently & I so recommend it to anyone who is married or engaged. Honestly it could save alot of marriages tons of heart ache & break up by having the right tools to dealing with conflict in a healthy way. You won't be sorry.


We know this couple really well and have learned so much from Simon Sinclair Clarence and Ruth Clarence. You won't be disappointed by taking in this seminar. Well worth time and money!


We can't do much without training and certifications or licences these days. But one of the most important things that you will ever do, getting married, doesn't require any courses or qualifications, and you can jump right into it with your eyes closed and a staggering amount of baggage on your back . OR you can attend this seminar and learn the essentials for dealing with the common problems every couple encounters. I wish I had attended this course long ago. I sponsored my son to attend this course after I took it because I knew it would give him some incredibly valuable life tools. Whether you are contemplating marriage, about to be married, are already married, or even if you have been married for years, this course is oh so worth while. I highly recommend it.


I would highly endorse anything that Simon and Ruth do. They are quality people with years of experience in counselling and teaching. This course is an investment in your future and worth every penny.


'You Deserve Forever' is the seminar for you. It's presented in a fun and interesting way by a very knowledgeable couple who explain the ins and outs of their life experiences. Whether newly engaged, thinking about getting engaged, or even the experienced couple who just like being together, (or not) this seminar is for you. Wisdom through experience is given to all here; young and old are welcome.


We attended Simon and Ruth’s seminar and really enjoyed it. Impactful, helpful, engaging and learned a lot! Loved all the video clips, exercises, personal stories, humor and interaction. Kept our attention throughout! Would highly recommend it!


We attended this seminar yesterday, and it was very helpful! Perfect atmosphere...not huge! Check the website for info and upcoming dates. Every married or soon to be married couple needs this info! Conflict in marriage is inevitable - combat is optional! Learn how to find the root of the problem, so that you can solve the issue instead of just a temporary fix. When to bring up an issue. How to bring up an issue. How (and why) to apologize. How to FORGIVE and REBUILD TRUST. These are some of the things we learned at the You Deserve Forever Seminar.

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