Gift Certificates

Is your child, grandchildren, or friend getting married soon?  Looking for a perfect gift??

Rather than purchase an item they’ll never use, consider SPONSORING the couple to attend a training that teaches them the effective CONFLICT RESOLUTION skills they’ll need to have a successful marriage. ….. YOU DESERVE FOREVER – Prepare for a Marriage That Lasts Seminar!!

In times past, couples had little or no premarital counselling and as a result struggled for years because of lack of practical tools to fight right and fight fair. Sound familiar?


PURCHASE a gift certificate for your ENGAGED or MARRIED relative/friend and give as a wedding/shower/anniversary gift.  They can then choose to attend the seminar of their choice.

June and Ted wrote:  “We sponsored all our grandkids to attend this excellent seminar as a wedding gift. Our grandkids all loved it and said they will use all the very helpful information right from the get-go!  They are excited to start their marriage on the right foot! We felt it was money WELL SPENT and was certainly better than helping with divorce proceedings.”

Lil and Pete wrote: “We send our married kids to a marriage enrichment seminar on their anniversary each year.  They loved their gift certificate to YOU DESERVE FOREVER and said it was a game changer in their marriage!  We are so happy to support our kids in their marriage journey.” 

Set young couples up for success!  

Help them launch their marriage with every possible advantage!

Invest in their relationship!!