Letters of Reference

Pastor Dallas Siggelkow - Vegreville Pentecostal Church

It was a privilege to host Simon and Ruth Clarence for our Sunday morning gathering as a church, and then to spend the afternoon together as couples looking at the topic of Sexual Intimacy in marriage. This seminar has certainly confirmed the important role that healthy intimacy has in supporting a marriage.

Simon and Ruth tackle this subject with tact, honesty and in a very tasteful way. boldly go where others of us do not feel comfortable or capable. They boldly go where others of us do not feel comfortable or capable.

The church cannot and must not remain silent on this topic. Through this seminar, a platform for discussion is given for husband and wife, a solid biblical foundation, an open door for hope and healing, and godly voices speaking to an area that many ungodly voices are shouting to. They give many "handles" that Christian couples can confidently grab on to.

I have known Simon and Ruth for several years and observed their lives and ministry. This is the first time that I have been a participant in their seminar.The skill that they have demonstrated in pastoring for many years are evident in this seminar. The fruit of their lives is very good! I highly recommend this seminar and Simon and Ruth to you.

Pastor Dallas Siggelkow

Val Byrd - Church of The Rock - Calgary, Alberta

Dear Leading Ladies,

My name is Val Byrd and my husband and I pastor a new church plant in Calgary. My husband is also part of a team that leads a network called Life Links International. We oversee other churches as well as lead our own and we love endorsing anything that is proven and will build the body of Christ.

Two Sundays ago a friend of mine dragged me after church to a Women's seminar on Intimacy. say dragged not because I didn't want to hear, but I was so weary after helping with our Sunday service and preaching for my husband while he was away that Sunday. It was a great morning but that last thing I wanted to do was sit through 5 hours of teaching to women on sex in their marriage.

Well, was I ever in for a shocker. It was incredibly well done and I was wide awake for those 5 hours. It's put on by a Pentecostal pastor - yes, she's even ordained - named Ruth Clarence, and she started teaching women on sex in marriage over 12 years ago. She is an actual teacher by profession, and that does come out in her presentation, but it only enhanced her delivery.

I learned things, I was reminded of things, I was inspired to be a better wife and lover and in doing so she reminded us that our marriages would better represent Jesus to the world. Ruth was honoring, candid and humorous in her teaching. It honesty was the best seminar on marriage for women that I've ever been to.

Honestly, if I could, I would have every church have her in and minister to their women. I believe this is going to change and save marriages. I believe that Ruth Clarence and her ministry to women is one of those Kingdom building keys in our present times. Marriages in the church are statistically no stronger than in the world and I believe as pastors and spiritual leaders, we need all the help we can get to help strength this God-given covenant and the church needs to lead the way.

I wanted to encourage you to consider having her speak to your women and maybe even consider partnering with another church to go together and have her. Or just do it yourselves. You won't be sorry if you do choose to let her minister. She's not scary, or sacrilegious, and there is not discussion, only encouraging learning and understanding.

She did the seminar on a Sunday afternoon from 1-6 and the cost was very affordable - early bird $35, after that $40. Totally worth it!
Building Together in Him,

Val Byrd

Rev. Tracy Dunham - Freedom in Christ - Kitchener, Ontario

This past weekend our church hosted the Intimacy Seminar by Ruth Clarence. We were so pleased with the response from our Freedom Church ladies who not only supported this seminar by registering for it but also had friends and relatives register with them.

The feedback from the Sunday afternoon seminar has been excellent. Many of the ladies told me that they found the information helpful, insightful and interesting. I know that many couples were given new talking points for their relationships and have been working through the insights that they learned during the seminar.

Not only was the information excellent but also Ruth's presentation was second to none. Her ability to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time without the participants feeling "short changed" is remarkable. She was funny and interesting as well as direct and honest, never shying away from any issue not leaving us without tools to change our own thoughts, attitudes and behaviours as they were uncovered.

Lastly, I appreciated Ruth's firm rooting in scripture. She was so careful to base all of her information from a biblical standpoint and that effort made for a life-changing experience.

We at Freedom in Christ Church highly recommend Ruth Clarence and her Intimacy Seminar. It would be a welcome addition to any women's group in your church or community.


Rev. Tracy Dunham

Bernice Steenbergen, Pastor's wife - New Life Fellowship Christian Reformed Church - Red Deer, Alberta

Ruth Clarence was our featured speaker for the "New Life Fellowship CRC's women's retreat" held this spring. This is our third (one day) retreat, and we try to improve on the last year's speaker, hoping to "tweek" some added interest so that women will want to come and give themselves "a day out" We promote our treat as "a rest, a laughter and refreshment", and yet the day needs to be worth all the work of getting out.

This spring, Ruth gave us what we were looking for and more! She came with a Biblically -based message that was dressed up with humor and inspiration The topic is a sensitive one, yet it's a topic that attracted a lot of women (inside our church, and from surrounding neighborhood churches and we knew that our "taking a risk" was well worth the effort! Ruth gave us a strong foundation, say that sex is OK ... it's God's idea, and she walked out practical advice, sprinkled with stories from her own personal walk.

The response to the day was overwhelmingly positive. 100% said that they would highly recommend this seminar to a friend and 100% said that the money spent on this day out was well worth it. Her talk was straight forward and informative, and also sensitive to gals who have regrets, or who feel "stuck".

The day attracted women of all ages, which we thought was quite a statement in itself. It was great to see younger women attend, since marriages and our men do need to be affirmed more than we give them credit for at times.

We highly recommend Ruth and her message. Her pre-event ideas and recommendations were also helpful.

Ruth is certainly worth "taking the risk"

Bernice Steenbergen

Glen Forsberg, Sr. Pastor - McMurray Gospel Assembly

As a part of our series on “Families at their Best”, we were privileged to host the Clarences for our Sunday morning services, following by their presentation of the Couple’s Seminar on Sexual Intimacy for the entire afternoon. All who attended have responded positively to this seminar. Some of our people have opened a fresh discussion on sexuality. Others are being healed of hurts and correcting misconceptions which have been held for years. One person expressed their renewed appreciation for the relevance of the church due to its willingness to address this subject in such a frank, honest, and tasteful manner. The timeliness and helpfulness of this seminar is obvious. It has confirmed the foundational role of healthy intimacy within marriages; and its implications for optimal family living. We thank the Lord for sending Ruth and Simon our way; - they will always be welcomed here! God’s grace is upon you!
Lois and I have known Simon and Ruth for many years, and appreciate them as true friends, former neighbors, and faithful expositors of practical Christianity for all who will believe.

Glen Forsberg, Sr. Pastor
McMurray Gospel Assembly

Svetlana Klan, Senior Pastor's Wife - Edmonton Word of Faith

It has been an absolute delight to have Ruth Clarence hold a Two-Gether Intimately Seminar for women in our church recently. It's not the first time we've had a privilege of hearing Ruth share on this important topic. We had her speak to our women about 10 years ago and what I personally learnt then, I've been able to apply in my own marriage and I've used it numerous times as I've been involved in helping women get over their marital challenges.
This often avoided topic in churches is presented by Ruth in a very fun, informative and tasteful way. She is very good at maintaining a proper balance between being quite detailed and transparent, and very tactful and discreet at the same time. There was no tense or embarrassing moments in the atmosphere of that whole day. I would highly recommend Ruth's seminar to women of all ages from late teens, engaged, newlywed to those married for many years. Women have true moments of enlightenment as they discover how what they've been doing or not doing for years, could have been devastating on their husbands and could have been damaging their marriages. Women leave the seminar well educated, encouraged, and take home real practical tools, which if used, will dramatically transform their present or future marriages and lives in general.

Pastor Trevor Neufeld - Calgary Word of Faith, AB

It was a privilege to host Simon and Ruth Clarence as they spoke on the topic of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage.  Simon and Ruth present this sensitive subject very tastefully in aScripturally-based approached with honest and humor.  There were many laughs as they boldly shared on topics some would consider uncomfortable. 

I highly  recommend Simon and Ruth Clarence and Two-gether Ministries as effective marriage ministers for your congregation.  They conducted two seminars for our congregation.  The first seminar, Meeting YourHusband’s Needs was just for women.  A few weeks later, the second seminar for married or engaged couples was held.  Both seminars had excellent attendance. This was a great way to bring to the forefront the importance of intimacy in marriage for our congregation.  They have a very solid Biblical foundation for the presentations, bringing a godly perspective that is so desperately needed in our highly-sexualized society. 

We only had positive responses from all the people who participated.  Here are just a few: “This is going to change my marriage!””Loved the vulnerability, humor and tastefulness of presenters.”“The great ideas I got to help me improved the romance aspect of my marriage.”“Enjoyed the directness and openness of the presentation.”“Definitely worth my time and money?”

I am confident that Two-gether Ministries will be a great benefit to your church by strengthening and encouraging the couples in your congregation.

Pastor Wayne Neumiller - Westlock Alliance Church

We were pleased to host Ruth and Simon Clarence of Two-gether Ministries recently as they presented their seminar.  Two-gether Intimately. The weekend was verysuccessful in my opinion and I have had only very positive feedback from all who attended. 

Ruth and Simon did an excellent job of communicating very openly and frankly about this important aspect of marriage, that all too often is not talked about in a positive way.Their ease of communication and good use of humor put everyone at ease and the material was Biblical, practical and insightful.  Several people have commented to methat they wish they had heard this long ago as it probably could have helped them avoid some painful bumps earlier in their marriages. I would wholeheartedly recommend this ministry to any church that is serious about building healthy marriages in their community.  

Marriage Ministries International – Dennis and Shelly Roberts – International Directors for University of the Family. Simon and Ruth Clarence  ministered at our National Convention this year.  Their presentation of Two-gether Intimately was well received by the couples in attendance. Many of the coupes received enlightening insight into their own relationships. Simon and Ruth’s presentation, along with being professional and humorous was presented in good taste.

Rev. L Methe - Rockland Church of God

I write this letter to thank you for having the boldness of speaking to Christians about the “taboo” topic of sex. We have never attended a seminar that dealt with this subject before because we felt apprehensive about it.  We found your seminar to be well-rounded where you encouraged the cultivating of a friendship as well as the intimate relationship between the husband and wife. I am so glad that you were the speakers for the weekend’s couples retreat.  Your teaching was done tastefully, honestly, transparently, freely and with the motive to help Christian married couples to be all that God hascreated them to be. 

Thank you for your willingness to minister one- on-one to anyone who needed it, even during your breaks.  That shows me you care deeply for the couples God sends your way.

Holy and Holy Seminars

Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada, Nampa Gospel Fellowship

Thank you so very much for the time you spent with us for our Women’s Retreat.  Your presentation of your Two-gether Intimately seminar was both humorous andInformative while all the time remaining  God honoring.  Your Biblically based workshop was very tastefully presented in a way that helps any woman improve her marriage  and yet is still fun and enjoyable without embarrassing anyone. 

I will admit openly that as the pastor’s wife, I was cautious.  I did have doubts.  Although this presentation had been recommended to me by a lady who had previously attended, I was not convinced. I appreciate your ministry very much and will give my wholehearted support to it.  It has been long enough that the world has held its opinions over the lives of God’s people.  Having now personally attended this seminar, I can only say “Thank you for coming!!” and “I wish that I had been able to take part in something like this years ago!!”

Elaine Olsen, PHd Counsellor

I had the privilege of participating in your Two-gether Intimately Seminar in May of this year and want to thank you for a wonderful day! As a marriage counsellor, I daily hear the stories of disappointed expectations, hurtful actions and general misunderstandings concerning marital intimacy.  Too often, God’s intentions regarding this aspect of marriage are wrongly interpreted.  And due to the personal nature of sexual intimacy, many people find it difficult or too embarrassing to seek the help they desperately need. 

Thank you for your timely, insightful and practical approach to this topic.  You addressed this sensitive area of marriage with a beautiful mix of humor and compassion.  For a topic that has the potential to be awkward, it appeared that everyone in attendance, no matter the current situation or past experience, was engaged and comfortable. I certainly was.Thank you also for the strong biblical emphasis to your presentation.  Your statement “Our sexuality was created by God, and It was His ideas” removes the fear of being “carnal” and allows couples the freedom to explore and enjoy each other’s bodies with a God sanctioned invitation!! I will confidently recommend your book and seminar to my clients, whether they are struggling intimately or not. Your material would encourage any marriage!!