International Reference Letters


We want to have the Clarences back again!      

Very Inspirational!   Impactful!   Educational!    and    Entertaining!  

These are words to describe the Marriage Seminars that Simon and Ruth Clarence conducted in Guatemala.  We were happy to host this couple from Canada and they did a great job of sharing their very practical marriage enrichment seminar everywhere we took them, large or small crowds.  They worked well with the interpreters and were very easy to work with as a whole. 

They communicated their message clearly to the participants at their seminar and it was greatly enjoyed and beneficial to all participants.  

Would highly recommend this couple if you are looking for ministry that is Biblically based, practical and presented professionally.  

Please do not hesitate to contact and book them for your special gathering. You will experience their amazing yet down to earth presentation.  


Hector and Ruth Aragon

PAOC Missions



On 10th December, 2017, Ruth and Simon presented a “snippet” of their 5 hour seminar presentation as part of our Sunday morning service. 
Our English speaking international congregation in Bali is comprised of British, New Zealanders, Australians, Germans, Dutch, Africans and Indonesians from every island in Indonesia, of whom English is generally their second language.  The information that was presented was so clear, precise and practical that it seemed to cross all language and cultural barriers. 

Their enthusiastic message although specifically aimed at married couples can be applied to anyone, in any relationship, who is looking for Christian strategies in conflict and problem solving and wants to live a positive, fulfilled, relational, life.

It is with much pleasure that I recommend the ministry of Ps Ruth and Simon Clarence and look forward, in anticipation, to their return to Bali to present their full seminar in the near future.

Yours in Him
Ps Brian Dewey

Kuta International Church 




We hosted Ruth and Simon in Fiji this past year.  While their visit was short, Simon was able to speak to our Men's group on the topic "How to Keep Sexually Pure in an Oversexualized world."  The presentation was well done, and was so helpful and educational for the men who attended.  Ruth was also open to offering personal counselling to a team member and that also was appreciated and helpful.

We are looking forward to their return visit in the near future...... There ministry is no needed here in Fiji They are an inspiring, personable couple!

Vika and Ledua Lewavou

Base Leaders YWAM Nadi, Fiji



We were delighted to host Simon and Ruth Clarence, of Two-gether Ministries in Bucharest, Romania. 

Their Biblically based seminar on Winning at Conflict was presented professionally, and they were well prepared to engage the participants in a very educational and fun day of learning.  Their use of video clips, practise exercises and audience involvement made the day very interesting and it certainly wasn’t a boring lecture!   One thing I really appreciated about Simon and Ruth was the fact that they themselves were from different cultures.  Ruth is a born and bred Canadian and Simon was born and raised in South Africa.  They shared some of their challenges of adjusting to two diverse cultures as it applied to their marriage and this information was especially helpful for the many mixed marriages that attend our Bucharest International Church.

This couple was authentic and were not embarrassed to selectively share from their own less than perfect marriage which was so encouraging for the couples attending …. It made them feel normal.   I also appreciated the fact that they were very personable and interacted with the participants during the breaks and before and after the sessions. They were genuinely interested in connecting, answering their personal questions, and getting to know them.  

Simon and Ruth were very flexible, easy to work with and I would have no hesitation in having them present at my church again.   I would highly recommend them.  Your church will love them!


Darrell Desrosiers

Pastor, Bucharest International Church



Ruth and Simon came to Cambodia in 2017 for a marriage seminar with 19 couples who are serving as national pastors around the country...all new in ministry. I cannot express enough how valuable their time was with us.    After giving them a briefing on Cambodia and the various ways marriage is different here, along with some of the pitfalls in their broken system, they ran with it. They were very flexible in schedule changes, which happens overseas so often, they worked with our translator well and sent their notes ahead of time for review, translation and comments. They were looking to make it the best possible for the context they were in. I appreciated that.   What they presented was needed for our Cambodian pastors and I believe the participants went away feeling like, "Hey! We can do this and do it well!".  They made it comfortable for our Cambodian friends to be vulnerable. They were guided by the spirit and allowed Him to move.    After speaking with many of the participants, we know this is something they want and need.

They are already looking forward to another seminar like this for themselves and their friends. Ruth and Simon were a joy to work with.   As a global worker overseas, they were a blessing and an encouragement to us. We are so grateful they came and look forward to more possible visits in the future!    

Tiffany and Ian Rowley

Cambodia International Ministry 



SIMON AND RUTH CLARENCE were the keynote speakers at our regional Pastor’s Retreat in Iloilo City, Philippines.  This interdenominational event was very well attended by many Pastors and their wives in the area. It was a wonderful occasion for connection and learning all at once. Participants were not disappointed with the full day seminar addressing effective Conflict Resolution entitled: Winning at Conflict Seminar – Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage  The presentation by the Clarences’ was successfully presented and the content was insightful and educational.   Each participant acquired great in-depth handouts which they could use in their church in counselling married couples or in preparing engaged couples for marriage.  

This couple was very well organized and provided the handouts in advance as well as promotional materials for the event. A very worthwhile seminar- so needed in our churches to assist couples in managing everyday, normal conflict in a God honoring fashion.  Effective tried and test tools and strategies were presented, and each attendee could apply these tools to their marriages immediately.

The feedback from the Pastors and participants was overwhelmingly positive and they felt it was certainly worth their time and money invested. We are hoping to have the Clarences’ back in 2018 for a large Pastor’s event and will look forward to that with great anticipation. I would have no hesitation recommending this ministry to you.  


Daisy Jimenea

Organizing  Committee Member



I recently had the privilege of having Simon and Ruth Clarence in our church, the International Christian Church, here in Port Vila, Vanuatu.  They were able to present a morning message to the congregation, which was warmly and well received.

International Christian Church is an English-speaking church here in Port Vila, Vanuatu.  International Christian church is comprised of approximately 30 different countries and 19 different denominations.   Meeting the needs of such a diverse group of people can be a daunting task and so the challenge to speak to such a diverse congregation was most certainly a challenge to Simon and Ruth, but they rose to the occasion and excelled.

Conflict resolution is most definitely an issue that every culture deals with.  Simon and Ruth did an excellent job, giving practical ways to resolve conflict and tension in relationships.  Their communication was both timely, and effective.  Many people were helped and encouraged in their relationships, as the Clarences shared practical and Biblical truths to the congregation.

Further, while they were with us, Simon and Ruth were also able to provide marriage counseling to a couple in crisis.  This couple was given the opportunity to restore their relationship with each other and with the Lord.  We are still praying for the completion of all that God did for them through Simon and Ruth’s ministry.

We are looking forward to the day when they can return to share their entire marriage seminar with us.  The one-day experience most certainly has built excitement for what is ahead.

David N. Wood

Lead Pastor, International Christian Church