Letters of Reference

Rev. Dave Larmour Lead Pastor - King Street Community Church Oshawa, ON

It was so good to host Simon and Ruth Clarence recently! They presented a seminar called; "Winning at Conflict," and that's exactly what they did - they set us up to win together!
We are very selective in the guests we invite to serve at King Street, but this is one couple that deserved a return invitation. They are thoughtful, practical, humorous, inspiring and they speak to all of the generations in our church. Their wisdom, passion for the Lord and his work are obvious!
Simon and Ruth came thoroughly prepared, taught memorably, and offered mature instruction and did it all with a beautiful and appropriate sense of humor. Ruth and Simon held the attention of our church family for an entire evening, leaving the people wanting more. The creativity by which they communicated was fresh and memorable!

Their deep commitment to biblical integrity and appropriate transparency connected with our church. They were flexible, easy to work with and they obviously 'understand' the local church and came to us with a desire to serve. Hosting guests with humility is a pre-requisite for us, and they served in just that manner. I would invite Simon and Ruth Clarence back to King Street Community Church without hesitation! Any church that chooses to host them will find a partner that will impact the church for the better!

Barry Marsten - Calgary Foursquare Cornerstone Church, AB

I’m so pleased to be able to offer this recommendation for Simon and Ruth Clarence and their “Winning at conflict Marriage Seminar. We had the privilege of hosting this event and I could not have been more pleased.  We had a tremendous turnout of people, who all thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. It wasInstructive, equipping, entertaining, challenging and humorous – all while being presented in a very professional, yet personal manner. 

Simon and Ruth were sensitive and honest, and did a wonderful job in not making anyone feel vulnerable or awkward, even as they covered sensitive areas of marriage. From start to finish from the promotional material and administration of the registration to the concluding moment of the seminar, Simon and Ruth were a delight towork with. As an added bonus, Simon and Ruth are right here in Canada – there is no need to travel outside our country.  All costs incurred are in Canadian dollars. – thus no costly exchange rate!  This made the seminar very affordable for everyone to attend.  I’m looking forward to the opportunity to work with them again, and highly recommend their seminar to you. 

Pastor Barry.

Barb Zerbin, Calvary Community Church, Edmonton

Dear Ministry Leader: We have just recently had Simon and Ruth Clarence come and present a seminar on Winning at Conflict - Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage. Simon and Ruth were able to keep our attention for the entire 5 hours. They used a large variety of interesting video clips and illustrations to present the subject of resolving conflict in marriage. They used many different visuals to illustrate their points. We continue to hear how valuable this information was for our people. They now have tools to use when issues arise and they also can identify what mistakes they have made in past conflicts. How to apologize was well taught and people were given many opportunities to practice the skills they were learning. Plenty of humor was incorporated into the subject and Ruth and Simon were very transparent and willing to share from their own lives and experience.

We used this seminar as an opportunity to sponsor and bring other ministry couples that would normally not be able to afford to come. This course is much less expensive than professional marriage counselling would be. The seminar was open to dating, engaged and married couples because we feel everyone can benefit from this information. We would highly recommend this seminar to you as a useful tool to encourage and teach our people skills that can prevent marriages from come to crisis points. We also believe that it can help make a good marriage even better.

God Bless You, Barb Zerbin

Pastor Bob Johnston - Global Kingdom Ministries, ON

It is with pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Ruth and Simon Clarence  We had the pleasure of having both Ruth and Simon minister to couples as well as our congregation at large.They were well prepared and presented their messages in a very effective and personal manner.  Ruth and Simon took time to greet and interact with couples on the weekend retreat.  They engaged with the couplesusing stories, props and Biblical material relevant to the topics. 

Ruth and Simon are a wonderful couple.  They are very friendly and welcoming.  They are people who love the Lord and work for His Kingdom. They impacted many marriages through their teaching and personalrelationship. While with us, Ruth and Simon also spoke to our married couples on staff.  It was a time of encouragement, open communication and questions.  I do not hesitate to recommend Ruth and Simon to you for any marriage seminars, couple enrichment or other related ministry.

Rev. Larry Gordon Lindoff - Evangel Pentecostal Assembly

To Whom It May Concern: It is my utmost delight to recommend Simon and Ruth Clarence to your thoughtful and prayerful consideration relative to ministry within your context. This past April 21, 2013, we were honored to have Simon and Ruth present a Sunday afternoon seminar entitled "Winning at Conflict" to an appreciative group of couples… long time married, engaged and multiple stages in between. They were wonderful to work with prior to the seminar, attentive to our needs and desirous to serve our congregation. They truly are servant leaders.

The seminar itself was terrific. Indeed, Simon and Ruth were well prepared, verbally delivering the information in a very articulate, personal, humorous and interactive manner. The accompanying written materials were well ordered, substantive and comprehensive. Yet, they designed the information to enable couples and individuals to assimilate the material into their lives and relationships as well. The feedback from all those attending was very positive and affirming of the experience. In fact, in my pastoral counseling scenarios since, I have personally noted with joy, significant changes in some of the couples who attended. We would love to have them come back again to share on other topics in the future.

Overall, Simon and Ruth would be a blessing in your organization and I highly recommend these two fantastic individuals and great couple to you. They are thoughtful, passionate, intelligent, gifted, experienced, very personable and friendly with those they minister too and truly God's hands extended! I would be enormously privileged to share further insights upon contact, larryl@evangel.info, or church office, 780-468-4714, #111.

Sincerely, Rev. Larry Gordon Lindoff, Pastor, Evangel Pentecostal Assembly, Edmonton, Alberta

Rev. Dr. Ken DeMaere - Church Effectiveness Coach, C&MA Western Canadian District

What a great day my wife and I had at the Winning in Marriage (now Taming the Tension) conference put on by Simon and Ruth. It was a day of laughter, reflection and learning. We have been married for over 40 years and we said several times during the day, "Why did someone not tell us this 40 years ago?!"

If you have the opportunity to host this conference for your church or to attend one of their conferences, I encourage you to jump at the opportunity. There will be no regrets.

So much of what we hear about marriage and relationships today has been shaped and twisted by our culture and our society. To be reminded of the strong Biblical values that we can and should be bringing to our marriages and all our relationships is a critical need for each of us in our day.

Pastor Terry Grimes, Westside Tabernacle, Corner Brook, NL

The ministry of Ruth and Simon Clarence was very well received by those who attended their sessions. Their material was informational, inspirational and transformational. Their transparent presentation was evidence that they knew their material from experience as well as from outside sources. Any congregation would benefit from their in-depth, yet easily understood, seminars. It was time and money well invested!

Rev. Larry Young, Christian Life Assembly, Calgary

We hosted the marriage seminar entitled 'How to fight fair' taught by Simon and Ruth Clarence at CLA on a wintery Sunday Afternoon. No one attending failed to gain insight, be encouraged, discover tools, and/or develop skills useful in building a strong marriage. As a pastor, I was very pleased to offer the sheep under my care such healthy, nourishing and delicious spiritual/practical food. Here's what a few of my parishioners said about the seminar:

"The presentation touched on real life issues going on in marriages, including mine." "The message was very clear." "It was full of deep thoughts.""…very, very beneficial." "I could use a seminar like this once a month!"

I recommend this seminar without reservation. It's a great way to support and nurture marriages (and by extension, families) in the congregation. What pastor is not highly motivated to see that happen? None that I know. Bottom line: …benefit outweighs investment!

God bless your ministry, Rev. Larry Young


Pastor Barry Berglund - The Neighbour Hood Church - Saskatoon Saskatchewan 

It was our pleasure to have Simon and Ruth Clarence present the "fight your way to a better marriage" seminar. Over the years, we have attended and in many marriage events and seminars and this was one of the finest. Practical examples, useful handouts professionally delivered with adequate time for interaction and an appropriate mix of seriousness and humor. The seminar was suitable for both church members and guests strengthening sound marriages as well as encouragement for those in challenging situations, I would recommend them highly.

Pastors Steve & Carmen Lynne - Spruce Grove, Alberta

Our church hosted Ruth and Simon Clarence for a seminar. We were so impressed, we had a overwhelming response from our Marriage couples feeling much more equipped to launch forward successfully in their marriage. Their Teaching was done so tactfully, yet humorous and enjoyed by all. It was so good we are already planned a 2nd seminar with them. We usually have our guest speakers from overseas, yet we were surprised there was such a great quality right here in our own Canadian backyard! We highly recommend them to come to all churches and equip their married couples for a great future.

Pastors Steve & Carmen Lynne - Spruce Grove, Alberta

Rev. Dr. Tim Beadle - Christian & Missionary Alliance

Dear Pastors and Church Leaders,

If you have a chance to attend the Clarence’s seminar on working your way to a healthy relationship I would highly recommend it.  I attended the event in Calgary last November with my wife and saw it as a meaningful experience.  It is ideal for both those who may be starting off in a relationship or others like myself, married for 35 years, who need a friendly reminder of some of the foundational principles that make relationships and marriages great! 

We paid for our adult children (and spouses) to attend and they not only appreciated the day together, but now have tools to apply to their own marriage and family life situations. It is so important we take time to foster health in our relationship with those we love, but often take for granted. If you can take in a seminar in the coming months I would highly recommend it.

Pastor Daniel Peters -  Brooks Evangelical Free Church, AB

Dear Pastor and Church Leaders,

Conflict is inevitable even in the best of marriages  That isn’t the problem.  The problem is that so many couples lack the skills to resolve their differences in a healthy manner – which can lead to greater problems. In their “Winning at Conflict – Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage” seminar, Simon and Ruth Clarence deliver excellent, practical counsel that can make a real difference in any marriage.  The information ispresented in an interested, entertaining, and non-intimidating manner, making it easily accessible to all who attend.  People will leave this seminar engaged and encouraged that they can make their marriage better than it already is. 

I would whole-heartedly recommend Ruth and Simon to your church.  Every marriage would benefit from attending this event.

Pastor Wayne Jorstad - Calvary Baptist Church - Wetaskiwin, AB. 

Recently our church hosted, "Winning at Conflict" led by Simon and Ruth Clarence. This was a powerful seminar filled with practical material which can be immediately implemented into relationships. They covered many topics but the one I was particularly fond of was "How Your Family of Origin Affects Your Resolution Skills". I appreciated the use of humour during sensitive topics without trivializing the message. After the seminar others expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the wide variety of topics. Everybody heard something that applied to their relationships.

As a pastor I was glad to see the way Simon and Ruth applied the scriptural principles to their teaching and openly shared their own relationship journey. They did not hesitate to allow us to see their struggles and victories giving the seminar a personal feel.

I would invite Simon and Ruth Clarence back to Calvary Baptist Church without hesitation! They made a substantial impact in our church community and were a joy to host.

Grace and peace, Pastor Wayne Jorstad

Todd Pratt - Gospel Chapel - Sylvan Lake AB

It was an honor to have Simon and Ruth Clarence this past weekend. I have wanted to do their “Winning at Conflict” seminar for the longest time, but being new in the province, I felt I needed to know the landscape first. I had heard great things about Ruth and Simon and was eager to bring them to Gospel Chapel.  Admittedly, I came to the seminar with some level of expectation. I have been involved in numerous marriage enrichment works and was wondering what this seminar could bring to the table. 

I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. My checklist was replete with “well done”, “accomplished”, “just what I was hoping for.”  There were many visual helps and illustrations throughout the weekend.  Another thing I really appreciated was they summarized and the beginning of every section, making it easy to follow.   Their presentation was heartfelt and all the examples from their own lives really connected with people. I had them speak on the Sunday as well, and it served as a great message for the congregation and a capsule of the weekend’s seminar.

I would definitely recommend the Clarence’s for any of the seminars they teach.  It was great to have them and Tammy and I appreciated getting to know them a little better. We look forward to ongoing ministry as the Lord leads.

Sincerely, Todd Pratt

Rev. Douglas Moore, Former Superintendent, Maritime District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (P.A.O.C.)

I am delighted to provide a personal reference for Ruth and Simon Clarence. They are Canadians, who know their Country and Church culture well. I have been familiar with of their ministry for many years and, most recently, had the privilege, last year, of sitting in several sessions they led during a Maritime District Conference. 

It is my personal opinion that Ruth and Simon arrived at our Conference well prepared to address several ministry and marriage issues, that clergy couples face. They shared with thorough wisdom and personal passion and humour. Sitting through the sessions I can attest that they were well prepared with rich experience and research, along with practical exercises and invigorating group interaction.

The Clarence's made effective use of modern technology mixed with visual illustrations of the basic points and takeaway of each session.

As a pastoral couple, Marie and I returned home with many very helpful thoughts, assignments and material that will enhance our marriage personally and assist in helping others. I am 100% confident that their ministry to individuals, small groups or larger settings will be received well, enrich greatly and move people forward in the passion to serve Christ and represent him most effectively.

I am happy to refer them to you. Support these Canadian itinerant ministers!!

Rev. Ian Koster - High Level Christian Fellowship - Evangelical Mennonite Conference

We enjoyed having Together Ministries run a "Winning at Conflict" seminar in our church this spring. Both Ruth and Simon Clarence brought maturity and insight to the struggles we face in familial relationships. If you are looking for Godly teaching surrounding conflict resolution and perspective I would highly recommend their ministry.

Pastor Gord Stock - Rocky Alliance

We in Rocky Alliance church were privileged to host the 'Winning at Conflict' Marriage Seminar at our church on April 11th and 12th of this year. Over 50 couples from our community attended and benefitted greatly by the practical advice presented by Ruth & Clarence Simon in a Biblical and Christ-centered manner.
This seminar is appropriate for both Christian and non-Christian couples alike! The Clarence's draw from years of experience, serving as pastors and counselors in providing a marriage seminar that benefits both young couples and older couples alike. Concepts are covered in a practical, nonthreatening manner that enables couples to take these Biblically-based principals home and apply them to their everyday life in a manner that will both enrich their marriages and enhance their communication skills with each other.
I highly recommend the 'Winning At Conflict' Seminar to you!

Pastor Trevor Scott - Living Branches Community Church

"Winning at Conflict". When we go through conflict in a marriage we don't normally do this well. We often see the end result of conflict with a winner and a loser of the fight. Yet through this seminar it was clearly seen that together we win as we work through the conflict. And this is accomplished as we communicate with one another. There is so much good information that is presented that going through it a number of times a person can take something out of it that will help them in their communication within their marriage. I would recommend this seminar to any couple before or after their wedding. A wedding is done in a day but a marriage is a life long adventure that constantly needs attention.